Kubernetes in production

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Kubernetes is an open-source container-based platform used to automate application deployment, scaling, and managing across the clusters. Learn Kubernetes in real-time with DevOps Academia experts practically with online training.

Kubernetes Training at DevOps Academia will provide you the best knowledge on Kubernetes architecture, working, cluster designing, etc online with experts. Online Kubernetes Course includes various features of Kubernetes and its orchestration, managing applications, etc principally makes you a master in this subject. DevOps Academia Online Course provides Advanced Kubernetes Training, where you will learn various skills on how to get started with Kubernetes in the real world. 

Course Details

Course Duration

40+ Hours (5days) Approx. 


  • Basic knowledge of Linux
  • Understand how to dockerize an application

Course Objectives

  • Learn Kubernetes basics to intermediate
  • Become ready to make contributions to Projects deployed on Kubernetes.

Course Syllabus

  • Kubernetes Introduction
  • Kubernetes Basic Objects
  • Kubernetes Application Deployment
  • Kubernetes Networking basics
  • Kubernetes Persistence
  • Configuring Pod’s
  • Kubernetes Security
  • Maintain Kubernetes cluster Healthy
  • Kubernetes Jobs

About Instructor


Vilas Varghese

Corporate Trainer and Consultant (DevOps, Docker & Kubernetes) | SAAS | PAAS | Microservices | CI/CD | OOPS | Design

Working for reon let's me chase my passion of teaching while not bothering about anything else. It's an excellent platform to launch a course of your choise. Teach a group of enthusiastic students what you know the best. Get the up to speed on it, watch them succeed and you get rewarded. Thanks Reon for providing this platform.

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