Docker & Kubernetes

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This course is a 100% HANDS ON course for Java software engineer who want to use DOCKER To Build->Ship->Run Java Apps using Docker and want to learn thru 10+ real world hands on use cases. This course is optimized for the busy professional with real world use cases examples and problem solving. The student registering for the course should be able to dedicate time towards Hands on labs to get a clearer understanding on how to use docker.

Course Details

Course Duration

40 Hours


A foundational understanding of IT infrastructure.
Knowledge of Unix/Linux operating system.
Basic knowledge about Software Development Life Cycle.
Laptop with equal to or more than 16GB and 4CPU or the candidate is ready to do this on AWS(there will be a small cost less than Rs.500/-).

Course Objectives

  1. All of the lectures come with hands on labs
  2. Build, Ship and Run Java Apps using Docker
  3. Build Spring Framework based Apps using Docker
  4. Docker is a must need for Engineers and developers to ship applications faster thru the life cycle
  5. Docker Engineers have shown better job prospects as it allows for complete automation of apps and their deployments
  6. Understand the fundamentals of virtualization and containerization

Course Syllabus

  1. Important : Navigating through this course
  2. Docker Fundamentals and Introduction
  3. Docker Installation on the MAC and Windows
  4. Important-Note : Before you start the use cases
  5. Use Case 1 : Host a website on Apache httpd Server
  6. Use Case 2 : Host a website on NGINX HTTP Server
  7. Brain Overload - 1
  8. Use Case 3 : Docker-Git integration and creating a custom UBUNTU image
  9. Use Case 4: Deploy a Spring MVC war application on Apache Tomcat 8.x
  10. Use Case 5 and 6 : Multiple containers w/ different JDK and Tomcat on UBUNTU
  11. Use Case 7: Mounting Volumes
  12. Use Case 8: Microservices using Docker Machine and Docker Compose
  13. Use Case 9: Microservices with Docker, Spring Boot and Hibernate with MYSQL
  14. Use Case 10: Service Discovery and Load Balancing
  15. Summary, Docker Cheatsheets, Feedback


About Instructor


Vilas Varghese

Corporate Trainer and Consultant (DevOps, Docker & Kubernetes) | SAAS | PAAS | Microservices | CI/CD | OOPS | Design

Working for reon let's me chase my passion of teaching while not bothering about anything else. It's an excellent platform to launch a course of your choise. Teach a group of enthusiastic students what you know the best. Get the up to speed on it, watch them succeed and you get rewarded. Thanks Reon for providing this platform.

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