Docker In Production

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Docker is a container management system that does the virtual simulation of application environments, which allows higher density server usage without the need for additional hardware virtualization. It is an open-source that helps to build, ship, and run applications anytime and anywhere. Docker is used to modifying the code, streamline application development, etc. Docker online training in DevOps Academia classes provides end-to-end flow for core Docker technologies, Learners are provided with all the Real-Time Industry Specific Scenarios by Expert Trainers.

Course Details

Course Duration

32+ hours (4 days)


Basic knowledge of Linux

Course Objectives

Learn how to 

  • Create your own docker image
  • Create docker containers from our image
  • Understand and work  with Docker Volumes and networking
  • Monitoring Docker application and production machines using Prometheus and Grafana
  • Deploy logs using ELK stack
  • Working with Docker Compose and Docker Swarm
  • And much more...

Course Syllabus

  • Docker and Containers  
  • Image Creation and Sharing
  • Docker Networking         
  • Docker Volume
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Compose

About Instructor


Vilas Varghese

Corporate Trainer and Consultant (DevOps, Docker & Kubernetes) | SAAS | PAAS | Microservices | CI/CD | OOPS | Design

Working for reon let's me chase my passion of teaching while not bothering about anything else. It's an excellent platform to launch a course of your choise. Teach a group of enthusiastic students what you know the best. Get the up to speed on it, watch them succeed and you get rewarded. Thanks Reon for providing this platform.

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